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Ethic and the rise of unethical songs. Are they the new Kalamashaka? No. But here’s why they should break up.



Ethic and the rise of unethical songs. Are they the new Kalamashaka? No. But here’s why they should break up.

What are they even doing? Asks rest of country

Oh great. Willy Paul & Khaligraph just released a song. Don’t hold your breath.

It would be wildly disingenuous to claim that I was disappointed in Khaligraph Jones to feature/be featured by Kenya’s bad boy and jizz artiste Willy Paul in a new ethic-inspired gospelish song ‘Bora Uhai’. Because that would mean I still possess the capacity to be disappointed by (most) Kenyan musicians, and I do not. I am, however, surprised.

In a world where Avril is dropping new music, Willy Paul just showed that there is no level too low for a man to hit.

Was it a good song? Eh. It wasn’t bad (it was). Its high points were many (zero) but it isn’t exactly going to change anybody’s life (none) or convert any sinner to a believer (oh no). When it comes to Pozeee, there’s usually ‘eeehhhhhhh’ and ‘hm, that was not entirely bad.’ This falls right in the middle of ‘eeehhh.’

To be fair, it was bland.

And don’t get me started on Ethic Entertainment. Oh hell, I feel started. Let’s talk about it. Ethic Entertainment, who shall from henceforth be described mononymously as Ethic, because a). I am lazy and b.) this is my blog, are the new kids in town. Made up of Swat, Reckless, Zila and Seska, four just twenty-something reprobate musicians who meet the bare minimum of professional requirements needed to justifiably hold the title of “rappers,” are at it again.


They just released another song, ‘Saba’, that will probably be shot in a dingy neighborhood with a phone camera or handheld camcorder. Gird your loins, the song that only a handful of people asked for is here.

Aaanndd that song?


Bollocks.Absolute.Bollocks. Let’s not even talk about the characteristic dance styles that should be prosecuted for treason. Dubbed ‘Saba’, Kenyan slay queens favorite position, – no prizes for guessing the content – is pure sexual content. Someone please call Kamasutra we have a new satyr in town.

But first let’s get a few things out of the way.

  1. I am not a musician,
  2. This is not a sponsored article,
  3. I don’t hate Ethic, I think they are talented, at least more than Timmy T-dat, but they need guidance,
  4. I have always wanted to use the word bollocks in an article, and Ethic have provided the perfect opportunity, so…thank you?

Aaaaannd it seems, Ethic Entertainment, after their smash (s)hit, all pun intended, Lamba Lolo, have opened a Pandora’s box. Now everyone with half a talent and vocals are coming out of the closet with shitty rap songs in the name of music that are leaving me feeling some typa way. Blasé.

Don’t believe me? Here. In no particular order, music served to your taste.

Gwaash feat Jung Retro & Young in ‘Sponyo’

Rico Gang X Marcel in FuckBoy 🍆

Bora Uhai -by NellyTheGoon x Dmore 

Mob K -Toka Teke /Saitan /kipara ngoto utawala. (?????????????)


Aaaaaaannnnnd I could go on but I am nauseated. Troublingly, they are all barely teenagers. Granted, some of these songs are actually good if you have the patience, but the economy is failing and China is taking over. And we all know how China town is with patience. They just can’t see it.


With rising cases of HIV/AIDs among the youth, one would be forgiven to think that these lyrics have nothing to do with them. Forgiven, yes. But wrong. It is thus discouraging to note that, despite the growth that Kenyan music is showing in terms of just how much untapped raw talent we possess, most of these young upcoming rappers are all about the coitus.

Sex, music and the city. It’s 2018 fam. And issa thing.

Immediately after releasing Lamba Lolo, because apparently, it’s 2005 again, and Nonini is reincarnated, Ethic teamed up with Madtrax and Mejja, two-thirds of the boy band group Kansoul, for yet another sexual-oriented song, ‘Position’.

In the song, they teach you all the sexual positions you need to know to stay woke in 2018, with Mejja pulling a Shaggy on us with his mic-dropping contender for the most useless line of the year shugribadi shugribadi shugribadi ndeendeendee’. Wau Mejja.

Bravo. Lyrical assassin. Poetic. Truly a king of our time.

Dirtier than Lamba Lolo, famed Kenyan DJ John ‘complained’ that Ethic are too explicit for radio. But what got me, was Mejja and Madtraxx, two established artists in the industry whose verses were just as dirty as the barely-twenty-year-olds. And that was when to me, Mejja and Madtrax were so canceled.

Shockingly (sense the sarcasm), Mejja and Madtraxx who-mind-you-are-fathers decided to ride on the popularity wave of the youngsters instead of offering guidance. And once they released the song, the two were nowhere to be seen, ‘snatching’ back some of the relevance to re-ignite their music career. Shocking.

I can’t even. I’m done. Where is Ezekiel Mutua when you need him?

So why I’m I bothered? I was otherwise living my best life when my girlfriend nudged me to listen to the song, aaaaaaaaaaaannnnnnnd give her my opinion.

Aaaaaand I decided to give it to her in a whole blog post, and some of my readers will be dismayed that I can actually stoop this low, (sorry guys, that’s not how news, – read relationships – work).

Besides I saw that all the cool kids were listening to them. Also, all the uncool kids had them, too.

So, natch, I wanted to listen to it too.

And before you dismiss me as another salty keyboard warrior, it might seem like it sometimes, but the stone-cold truth is that I am not here to tell you what to do with your lives. if you want to sing, you go sing. If you want to collect sim cards, you collect as many sim cards as possible. If you want to find you a choke me daddy, you…ah…just…just be careful.

I can’t hate the Ethics and Rico Gangs for winning at this viral-fame game. Their shameless boorishness, materialism, and sexism are popular, and the blame for that lies more with us, the audience, than with them. They embody and embrace the simple reality that, when it comes to getting paid, there’s no longer a difference between fame and infamy.

The point is, as long as you are not hurting someone else, I’m not about to tell you your business. So, Ethic can go on and write as many sexual songs as they deem necessary, no matter how hard, pardon the innuendo, or ‘unethical’ – the irony – it will be for me to fathom.

YouTube itself thrives on controversy. In fact, content creators have resorted to publicity stunts and clickbait titles to maximize their views. As long as you are on people’s mouths, you are in their minds – and the more likely you’ll get in the trending bar. As me and my fellow Goody Two Shoes release vitriol on behalf of the moral crusaders, I now realize this is just an amusing sideshow in Ethics masterplan, as are the don’t-care youngings who will proudly blast Ethic songs in defiance, in the process solidifying their marketability and bankability as we fight about their moral purity.

As Vlad Savov aptly captures it: We’ve got people demeaning and diminishing themselves, appealing to our basest desires for unsavory spectacle. I wish I could rise above it, pretend that I’m not caught up in the same vicious whirlpool of self-reinforcing negative hype, but here I am, writing all about it, and here you are, reading to the last word.

But how long can ethic keep up, with their ascending stardom?

Unlike the Kansoul, whose successes have come despite — not because of — their dirty lyrics, which is impetuous, adversarial, petty and ineffective, how long till another group rises with dirtier, profane and even more unethical than ethic to take the crown?




Bring back Camp Mulla. Those were simpler times.

You do you.


Wacha nilambe lolo.


Akothee Celebrates Mzungu Baby Daddy’s Birthday.



Singer Akothee who is a mother of 5 has celebrated her French baby daddy Dominic’s birthday in a lengthy message. Mr Dominic Decherf is the father to Akothee’s last born, Papa Oyoo.

In a lengthy message on her instagram post, Akothee narrates how Mr Dominic proposed to her on this day 11 years ago; which also happened to be his birthday.

Sharing cute throwback photos from their engagement day, Akothee revealed that on the same day Dominic bought her a new home worth Ksh 45 M in Mombasa.

Akothee met Dominic alias Papa Oyoo when she was a taxi driver in Shanzu and she was then living in a rented home.

Akothee went on by highlighting some of the things she has achieved since she met him. Madam Boss has also went on to become a big brand influencer in Kenya.

View this post on Instagram

It was on a day like this 17. 9 2009 on your birthday ,that you proposed me and bought me a house behind the then nakumat @ 45M. The Muzungu who was selling the house to us ,thought I was naive and he could steal from us ? You loved the home so much that you dint want to let go , the Muzungu still wanted to keep his bedroom upstairs for his holidays 😂😂😂I had never owned a property before ,but trust me , it dint make sense to me and I could not imagine sharing a compound with that man🙆,I had known him for over 3 year's, we used to come to that house for dinner with friends during our hustle mood 😂😂😂😂, and he used to play very rich Swiss guy , Don't ask me what I was doing there ,😂😂😂. You thought the kids & me would be happy in that home 🙏 you loved the pool and the chef Mr shinando , you wanted to see your queen happy . I had to protect you and our property . Now today I want to tell you that Since I met you ,I have known that true love and Angels still exist ❣️. Come and see what the girl you met as a taxi driver living in shanzu at Toles own compound rented house ,has become 💪 1. A mega star 2. An entertainer 3. An entrepreneur 👉@akotheesafaris 4. The number one leading & highly paid brand Ambassador/ influencer in Kenya @akno.tela 5 . An investor @akothenproperties 6. The original philanthropist @akotheefoundation On top of it 7 . THE AKOTHEE FAN BASE ( the only celeb with no haters , just loyal fans and admires ) 💪 8. An eminent MEMBER of ELREB . LOVED BY MANY & RESPECTED BY ALL 👉FROM GRASS TO GRACE 👉FROM SHAME TO FAME 👉FROM GRACE TO GRACE 🙏The only man who would like to see me grow . Mr Dominic decherf Wuon Oyoo @papaoyoo When counting my blessings ,I count you 7 times . You are my HERO ,MY ORIGINE , THANK YOU FOR ALWAYS BEING THERE FOR ME AND THE KIDS.not forgetting the many trips you made with me to childrens court🙏 fighting over a child that is not yours 🤦DOMINIC WHO ARE YOU AGAIN? Help me wish Papa OYOO HAPPY BIRTHDAY And I wouod like to award one of my fans sharing birthday with Papa Oyoo Drop your birthday month and date and tag @rarainthekitchen

A post shared by AKOTHEE KENYA (@akotheekenya) on

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Cardi B Files For Divorce From Rapper Offset



After their 3 years of marriage, Cardi B has filed for divorce from her husband and fellow hip-hop star Offset, according to court records.

The couple, who married secretly in September 2017 and have a two-year old daughter named Kulture.

Court records obtained shows that Cardi B is seeking custody of their daughter Kulture and child support from Offset. Cardi B filed for divorce on Tuesday in Georgia, where the couple have been living and also the home state of Kiari Cephus majorly known as Offset.

Cardi B and daughter Kulture. Photo Courtesy

The couple had already been through a well-publicized rough patch that resulted in her announcing their break-up almost two years ago where Cardi B talked of it in an Instagram video in December 2018. “We got a lot of love for each other but things just haven’t been working out between us for a long time. It’s just like, I guess we just grew out of love, but we’re not together anymore,” she said in the Instagram video.

Offset then asked for forgiveness on-stage in front of a crowd at her Rolling Loud concert, though it was not well received by Cardi B’s fans.

Cardi B celebrated their 2nd wedding anniversary with a post on Intagram page, alongside a picture of the two of them together with the caption, “We keep learning and growing. That’s what marriage about.”

Cardi B, is known for hits include WAP, Bodak Yellow and I Like It. Offset on the other hand is a member of the Migos Band.

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No laughing matter: Kenya’s premiere quarantine comedy club to take over your screens



The 254 Quarantine Comedy Club

254 QCC LLC. is set to launch the much-awaited online comedy performance show in the next two weeks. Dubbed 254 Quarantine Comedy Club (254 QCC) focusing on providing an avenue for artists and creatives to earn a living through digital comedy and entertainment. Artists and creatives signed onto the platform provide their services by entertaining hundreds of thousands of Kenyans who tune in live online to the weekly 254 Quarantine Comedy Club show.

“This is a platform designed to use art to better the community by giving the artists themselves an audience to perfect their skills as well as a source of income,” said Dorothy Ogega the Founder of 254 Quarantine Comedy Club.

254 Quarantine Comedy Club seeks to make a serious statement in the Kenya showbiz industry by redefining how the entertainment business is run. The creatives once signed onto the show, whose only requirement is to have talent and prepare a set, are remunerated no more than two hours after their performance. Unlike the traditional perform-and-wait, the 254 Quarantine Comedy Club is pegged on the belief that artists and creatives are among those most affected by the lack of shows and live performances.

There have been several editions of 254 QCC including the Kericho Edition which attracted popular MCs Kiptabut & Joyrider, Comedians Tipsy, Bartinga, Galgalo and Inspekta Nikko among many others. The show, which was streamed live was supported by the Kericho County Governor, His Excellency Paul Chepkwony.

Among the most notable names to have performed on 254 Quarantine Comedy Club include comedians Akuku Danger, Mulamwah, Smart Joker, Rib Crackers, JB Masanduku, and Comediennes Adhis Jojo and Nasra, with 2 special appearance from Afro-fusion singer and Peace Ambassador Iddi Achieng (HSC.)

The show is hosted by MC Sleepy David, having also attracted famed guest host Captain Otoyo.

254 Quarantine Comedy Club has appealed to a set of diverse performers including musicians and deejays, among them Kriss Darling. The show is also currently in talks with singer-songwriter Eric Wainaina for a collaboration.

254 QCC Reggae Edition w Kriss Darlin

“We want to churn out comedy that is no joke, to provide a platform for creatives to market their talents and get paid. You work, you get paid, that is our mantra,” said Daphne Kemunto, an Associate and Project Lead on 254 QCC.

254 Quarantine Comedy Club promises to be more than just a comedy platform. Already there are works in the pipeline where the creatives signed on to 254 QCC are collaborating with local communities to promote them.

Dorothy Ogega adds, “We want to use our art to better the community by launching projects that benefit them.  The first project we are launching is a resource water tank in one of the largest informal settlements in Kenya as we identify areas of needs and address them.”

254 Quarantine Comedy Club is managed by Kenya’s top creative minds with industry experience spanning decades in media, film and television. The show is run by Henry Wesonga and Evans Obare under the stewardship of the long-serving Creative Director Victor Ber.

The 254 Quarantine Comedy Club has so far held 4 main shows with 3 other targeted closed audience shows.

“254 Quarantine Comedy Club is made for creatives, with creatives and enjoyed by everyone. It’s not just entertainment, it’s an experience. We are calling out to partners who would like to join us and support our creatives, let’s grow this industry together,” said Dorothy Ogega.

The 254 Quarantine Comedy Club is currently available for live streaming on its social media pages @254qcc on Instagram and FB Live on 254 Quarantine Comedy Club from 10PM Kenya Time, 3PM US, 8PM UK, 9PM Europe and 11PM UAE.




Dorothy Ogega is the Founder of 254 Quarantine Comedy Club LLC. A geriatic nurse by training, and calling, she migrated to the USA in 1997 where she specialises in Diabetes Management. She also sits on the board of TeleAfya LLC as a Co-founder.

As a free platform, 254 Quarantine Comedy Club relies on commissions to support its operations. 254 QCC is currently in partnership with TeleAfya LLC., Hillpark Hotel and TwaTwa Express.

You can reach her on: Dorothy Ogega <>  




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The Natural Hair Community is steadily growing around the world. Carrying the load of this movement are the natural hair influencers who keep us informed about the best products, tips and tricks for styling and managing our natural hair.

As te tresses pundits showcase their natural hair journeys, they help make ours a lot less hard and a lot more manageable. For this reason, if you are looking for products to work for your hair or some doable hairstyles, here are 10 natural hair influencers from Kenya that certainly you need to follow.

1. Michelle Anyango (@itsangango)

Michelle creatively makes informative videos on her Instagram and Youtube Channel. Her Instagram feed is pure bliss. You should definitely follow her.


2. Wangeci Ngare (@__wangeci___ngare)

Wangeci is a hair enthusiast and a professional make up artist as ( if you need to know the perfect hair products for your 4C hair, you should definitely follow her. Her mane is goals and she showcases how she takes care of it on her Instagram.


3. Sheila Ndinda (@sheilandinda)

Sheila showcases simple hair tutorials and products reviews on her Youtube Channel. She also has a salon (@spritzhairstudio) which is your one-stop hair salon for all things natural hairs. Sheila is also known for her tapered cuts which are absolutely adorable.

4. Tabitha Tongoi (@cravingyellow)

Tabitha Tongoi popularly known as Craving Yellow is a top natural hair blogger. She shares healthy hair regimen tips on her Instagram and her youtube channel.

5. Margie Muga (@justmargie_)

Wanna know how to properly take care of coloured natural hair, Margie is your to-go-to girl, periodt! Above all, Margie has vast knowledge when it comes to the best natural hair products.

6. Joan Miano (@justnimu)

JustNimu is most definitely the queen of protective styling. She makes the videos on her Instagram and youtube channel. On the whole, Nimu is experimental so you will have tons of fun watching her videos.

7. Sharon Malonza (@mykenyanpuff)

Where my lazy natural sisters at? Sharon typically creates the easiest and quickest tutorials. Most noteworthy, her hair is super adorable.

8. Makanye (@hairbymakanye)

Makanye is a two times award-winning hairstylist. She creates a lot of videos on her Instagram and youtube showcasing a variety of options for protective styles

9. Carol Tichie (@caroltichie)

If you want to learn how to crochet like a pro, I suggest you follow carol on her Instagram and subscribe to her youtube channel. She makes super simple videos that are easy to follow. With the quarantine situation, we are in, you definitely need to learn some crocheting skills.

10. Wanza (@itswanza)

As her Instagram bio reads, her hair is her canvas. She has cute and simple styles across her Instagram feed. Oh, did I mention, her wash and go style will leave you drooling over hair.

Do Check out Wrapped Nation for Head Wraps and nice hair Bonnets.



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Top 10 Tips On How To Work From Home Effectively



Working from home is great but it can be such a task for people who are used to working from the office. We have compiled a list of 10 things that you can practise that will make working from home more fun and effective.


Get a good night sleep. Everyone requires quality sleep for perfect health and well-being. World Health Organisation recommends 8 hours for adults as a good writemyessay baseline. Wake up early and take a bath. Working from home does not mean you have to break the cycle of hygiene. Make yourself some breakfast and set the day going.



I always say this, if you wouldn’t go to work in it,  how can you expect to work in it. You can’t work while in clothes that remind your brain that you are in sleep mode. By getting dressed, I don’t mean throwing on a full suit. A pair of jeans and a t-shirt or any top that you feel is appropriate to work in.  This kicks your brain into gear and makes you feel like you are ready to hit the day.

Source -Pinterest



Creating a designated corner/spot for work or study is very important. If possible, work from a table and a comfortable chair that offers you good support. Somewhere close enough electrical outlets, adequate lighting and ample space to spread your thoughts and feelings. Even if you are working with limited space, a little corner is all you need to mentally zone your space into a work zone.



Working without a to-do list can be challenging. You will more often than not find yourself forgetting to do some tasks that you are supposed to do. Writing down a to-do list will have and ticking down every task that you’ve accomplished will ensure that all your tasks/work is completed.


Set time for each and everything that you are supposed to do. This will help you not get extremely worn to. Working on one thing for long hours can make you feel worn out. Switching up your tasks now and then will help you work for longer without feeling unmotivated.


This will help you not overeat or skip meals. Be mindful when snacking. Do not overindulge but also do not overstrain yourself. Snack in moderation.



When we’re working from home, it’s not a surprise it’s almost impossible not to get distracted.  Some of the most common distractions are social media, clutter, unwashed dishes etc. We can never remove 100% of our work from home distractions. After all, we are working from home, however, we can reduce that list significantly. If social media is your problem, put your phone on silent mode. If its household mess and chores schedule in time to clear your space.



You do it at work, although you pretend you don’t. Taking breaks refreshes the mind, and helps you become more creative.

Set a rough schedule for yourself and stick notifications on your phone to remind you. You can also write it in your to-do list to take breaks at certain times of the day.

Above all, even if you’re not hungry or would rather keep working, these breaks act as a switch in your mind to take a break. Your brain simply can not keep working for hours straight, give it a rest and give your body some fuel.



Whatever your situation in, connecting with other people is necessary for your wellbeing. If you’re unable to meet in person,( due to the CORONA Pandemic)  keeping contact via phone call, Skype or Zoom is still a great way to keep relationships going and share and keep each other motivated.

Schedule in these calls while you’re not in ‘work-mode’, that way, if you’re left distracted you can simply relax after the call.



Making sure that you’re able to stop work at a certain point and have leisure time is super important. Take that time at the end of the day to unwind with some Netflix. You can also catch up with your favourite YouTuber while sipping on some wine. Exercising can also be a good option to end your day.
I love to curl up on my couch with some food and watch some Netflix. I am currently enjoying “Never Have I Ever” you should check it out.








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