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Behind Bars For Seven More Days. – ZURI NEWS
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Kapseret MP Oscar Sudi To Remain Behind Bars For Seven More Days.



Oscar Kipchumba Sudi appeared before Nakuru Chief Magistrate Josephat Kalu on Wednesday, where he is charged with hate speech, offensive conduct, resisting arrest, being in unlawful possession of a firearm and assault of a police officer.

The legislator will now remain in police custody for 7 more days pending completion of investigations into allegations against him.

Sudi had already spent two days behind bars at the Nakuru Central police station pending a bail application ruling.

Before his arrest, the Kapseret MP insisted he had insulted no one and would not apologise.

Kapseret MP Oscar Sudi Photo Courtesy

The National Cohesion and Integration Commission (NCIC) and the police who are the prosecutors made an application in court seeking to hold Sudi for 14 days to conclude investigation. The prosecution said the MP is a flight risk having failed to surrender himself soon after he learnt he was being sought by the police. These claims were opposed by the accused lawyers who include Gladys Shollei(Uasin Gishu Women Representative) and Kipkoech Ng’etich.

Some leaders came to show solidarity with Sudi at the Nakuru law Courts. The leaders present included Elgeyo Marakwet Senator Kipchumba Murkomen and Nakuru Senator Susan Kihika, MPs Kimani Ngunjiri, Aisha Jumwa (Malindi), William Cheptumo (Baringo North), Charles Kamuren (Baringo south) and Caleb Kositany (Soi).


Senators Reach Consensus To Approve Third Basis Revenue Sharing Formula.



On Thursday, September 17, Senators unanimously voted to approve the third basis for sharing revenue among counties after a record 10 failed attempts to reach a consensus. All the 41 senators present in the House on the afternoon session voted to approve the formula.

From the proposed formula, no county loses revenue allocation.

The motion for approval of the Third Basis Formula for Revenue Allocation among County Governments has be carried. The Ayes 41, Abstention 0, Nays 0,” Senate Speaker Kenneth Lusaka announced.

The Moses Wetangula and Johnstone Sakaja chaired 12 member committee that was tasked with a win-win formula had reached a consensus on the formula and briefed the rest of the house before the official sitting.


The proposed formula takes into account eight parameters; Basic share (20%), Population (18%), Health (17%), Poverty Level (14%), Agriculture (10%), Roads (8%), Land (8%) and Urban (5%).

In the new formula, Nairobi is the gains the highest amount with Ksh 3.3 billion. This will push it’s total allocation to Ksh 19 billion. Nakuru gains Ksh 2.5 billion, Kiambu Ksh 2.2 billion, Turkana Ksh 2 billion and Kakamega Ksh 1.9 billion. Tharaka Nithi is gaining the least amount of Ksh 289 million.

The Council of Governors through its Chairman Wycliffe Oparanya (Kakamega Governor) released a statement making a treat to shutdown operations in the counties stating it had been occasioned by lack of resources after senators failed to agree on the revenue sharing formula.

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Governors Suspend all Non-Essential Services in Counties.



Governors have shut down Non-essential services in counties due to lack of funds.

In his statement, the Council of Governors (CoG) chair Wycliffe Oparanya said  that because ongoing stalemate on funds flow, county governments have no choice but to shut down and suspend all non-essential services.

Press release by the coucil of governors

“All non-essential services are hereby suspended and county employees are advised to proceed on leave for two weeks,” Mr Oparanya said.

He went ahead to state that  counties were going through tough times and are unable to effectively discharge their functions and general operations including implementation of development projects and payment of salaries to county staff especially in the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic.

He further said that county hospitals will not offer inpatient services but will provide minimal outpatient care.

“We express our discontent with Senate’s failure to build consensus on the third generation formula which has consequently delayed the approval of the County Allocation of Revenue Act, 2020. This is tantamount to killing devolution similar to what happened in 1964,” added Mr Oparanya.



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Tanzania Lifts Ban Flights From Kenya.



A day after Kenyan government exempted Tanzania citizens to mandatory 14 day quarantine, Tanzania Civil Aviation Authority through Director General Hamza Johari released a statement on Wednesday lifting the ban of Kenyan flights to Tanzania.

Hamza Johari said Tanzania shall always strive to adhere to the fundamental principles and bilateral air services between the two states.

“For the purpose of this release, therefore, the resumption and restoration of flights for all operators are with immediate effect,” said the Director General.

On Tuesday the Kenyan Government released a list of countries allowed in after easing restrictions. The countries include Tanzania, Ghana, Nigeria and Sierra Leone.

Since the outbreak of coronavirus, Tanzania has taken a relaxed approach in the tackling of the pandemic and since the reopening of the country two months ago, people from Tanzania had to be subjected to a 14-day mandatory quarantine. This made Tanzania ban flights from Kenya which deepened the relationship between the two countries.

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No laughing matter: Kenya’s premiere quarantine comedy club to take over your screens



The 254 Quarantine Comedy Club

254 QCC LLC. is set to launch the much-awaited online comedy performance show in the next two weeks. Dubbed 254 Quarantine Comedy Club (254 QCC) focusing on providing an avenue for artists and creatives to earn a living through digital comedy and entertainment. Artists and creatives signed onto the platform provide their services by entertaining hundreds of thousands of Kenyans who tune in live online to the weekly 254 Quarantine Comedy Club show.

“This is a platform designed to use art to better the community by giving the artists themselves an audience to perfect their skills as well as a source of income,” said Dorothy Ogega the Founder of 254 Quarantine Comedy Club.

254 Quarantine Comedy Club seeks to make a serious statement in the Kenya showbiz industry by redefining how the entertainment business is run. The creatives once signed onto the show, whose only requirement is to have talent and prepare a set, are remunerated no more than two hours after their performance. Unlike the traditional perform-and-wait, the 254 Quarantine Comedy Club is pegged on the belief that artists and creatives are among those most affected by the lack of shows and live performances.

There have been several editions of 254 QCC including the Kericho Edition which attracted popular MCs Kiptabut & Joyrider, Comedians Tipsy, Bartinga, Galgalo and Inspekta Nikko among many others. The show, which was streamed live was supported by the Kericho County Governor, His Excellency Paul Chepkwony.

Among the most notable names to have performed on 254 Quarantine Comedy Club include comedians Akuku Danger, Mulamwah, Smart Joker, Rib Crackers, JB Masanduku, and Comediennes Adhis Jojo and Nasra, with 2 special appearance from Afro-fusion singer and Peace Ambassador Iddi Achieng (HSC.)

The show is hosted by MC Sleepy David, having also attracted famed guest host Captain Otoyo.

254 Quarantine Comedy Club has appealed to a set of diverse performers including musicians and deejays, among them Kriss Darling. The show is also currently in talks with singer-songwriter Eric Wainaina for a collaboration.

254 QCC Reggae Edition w Kriss Darlin

“We want to churn out comedy that is no joke, to provide a platform for creatives to market their talents and get paid. You work, you get paid, that is our mantra,” said Daphne Kemunto, an Associate and Project Lead on 254 QCC.

254 Quarantine Comedy Club promises to be more than just a comedy platform. Already there are works in the pipeline where the creatives signed on to 254 QCC are collaborating with local communities to promote them.

Dorothy Ogega adds, “We want to use our art to better the community by launching projects that benefit them.  The first project we are launching is a resource water tank in one of the largest informal settlements in Kenya as we identify areas of needs and address them.”

254 Quarantine Comedy Club is managed by Kenya’s top creative minds with industry experience spanning decades in media, film and television. The show is run by Henry Wesonga and Evans Obare under the stewardship of the long-serving Creative Director Victor Ber.

The 254 Quarantine Comedy Club has so far held 4 main shows with 3 other targeted closed audience shows.

“254 Quarantine Comedy Club is made for creatives, with creatives and enjoyed by everyone. It’s not just entertainment, it’s an experience. We are calling out to partners who would like to join us and support our creatives, let’s grow this industry together,” said Dorothy Ogega.

The 254 Quarantine Comedy Club is currently available for live streaming on its social media pages @254qcc on Instagram and FB Live on 254 Quarantine Comedy Club from 10PM Kenya Time, 3PM US, 8PM UK, 9PM Europe and 11PM UAE.




Dorothy Ogega is the Founder of 254 Quarantine Comedy Club LLC. A geriatic nurse by training, and calling, she migrated to the USA in 1997 where she specialises in Diabetes Management. She also sits on the board of TeleAfya LLC as a Co-founder.

As a free platform, 254 Quarantine Comedy Club relies on commissions to support its operations. 254 QCC is currently in partnership with TeleAfya LLC., Hillpark Hotel and TwaTwa Express.

You can reach her on: Dorothy Ogega <doroh@teleafya.com>  




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President Uhuru Kenyatta hints at Re-opening Schools and Places of Worship



President Uhuru Kenyatta hinted on a possible gradual reopening of schools and places of worship on Monday during the Madaraka day celebrations at the State House.

In his speech, the President directed the Ministries of Interior and Education to come up with guidelines and protocol on the gradual reopening of places of worship and schools and to finalize safety guidelines and protocols in consultation with stakeholders.

The President said his heart was with students who are preparing for their final examinations during the Covid-19 pandemic.

“Education sector should finalise the consultations to give us an appropriate calendar for the schools to guarantee not only the safety of children but also parents. This disease is here with us and every Kenyan must take the responsibility to ensure that all is well,” the president said.

The Interior Ministry on the other hand, will make the guidelines  to be followed by churches and other religious gatherings to ensure the safety of congregants.

This is after the  Education Cabinet Secretary Prof George Magoha on Friday said that learning institutions will not  be reopening on June 4 as it was earlier scheduled. He said all learning institution will remain closed untill it’s safe.

“Parents should prepare to stay with their children longer until the health situation in the country stabilises. As at now, I cannot say when schools will resume. For me timelines and national exams are not a priority, they can even stay until January,” Prof Magoha said.

The Ministry of Health has projected that the rate of Covid-19 infection is likely to peak in August-September.

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