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Kapseret MP Oscar Sudi To Remain Behind Bars For Seven More Days.



Oscar Kipchumba Sudi appeared before Nakuru Chief Magistrate Josephat Kalu on Wednesday, where he is charged with hate speech, offensive conduct, resisting arrest, being in unlawful possession of a firearm and assault of a police officer.

The legislator will now remain in police custody for 7 more days pending completion of investigations into allegations against him.

Sudi had already spent two days behind bars at the Nakuru Central police station pending a bail application ruling.

Before his arrest, the Kapseret MP insisted he had insulted no one and would not apologise.

Kapseret MP Oscar Sudi Photo Courtesy

The National Cohesion and Integration Commission (NCIC) and the police who are the prosecutors made an application in court seeking to hold Sudi for 14 days to conclude investigation. The prosecution said the MP is a flight risk having failed to surrender himself soon after he learnt he was being sought by the police. These claims were opposed by the accused lawyers who include Gladys Shollei(Uasin Gishu Women Representative) and Kipkoech Ng’etich.

Some leaders came to show solidarity with Sudi at the Nakuru law Courts. The leaders present included Elgeyo Marakwet Senator Kipchumba Murkomen and Nakuru Senator Susan Kihika, MPs Kimani Ngunjiri, Aisha Jumwa (Malindi), William Cheptumo (Baringo North), Charles Kamuren (Baringo south) and Caleb Kositany (Soi).


Kenyans Set For A thrilling February As TNT Africa Sets To Flood The Screens With An AEW Wrestling Program



Kenyans are set to experience an exciting and amazing 2021 in terms of viewing experience courtesy of TNT Africa that is set to launch a series of interesting shows, among them the much-hyped AEW Dynamite, an all-action wrestling program set to redefine the space.

The much-awaited AEW Dynamite will be a weekly flagship show from All Elite Wrestling, featuring a new professional wrestling league that is already taking the world by storm will be hitting the screens on Friday, February 5, at 2.20pm with the first five episodes of the new season. Then, every Friday night, during prime time at 9pm, the channel will premiere the recent high-octane matches, two days after the US premiere, and after that repeated twice throughout the week. This will be aired on both DStv channel 137 and Gotv channel 16 .

AEW offers an alternative to mainstream wrestling with a roster of world-class talent offering TNT Africa viewers a spectacular weekly wrestling program jam-packed with action and the unexpected,” said Guillermo Farré, Head of the WarnerMedia General Entertainment channels across France, Iberia, and Africa.

Kenyans will be accorded a rare opportunity to enjoy a new global wrestling that features a world-class roaster of diverse male and female wrestlers, giving them a new wrestling experience for the first time in 20 years.

According to TNT Africa, the new professional wrestling is being headlined by members of The Elite (Cody & Brandi Rhodes, Matt & Nick Jackson, Kenny Omega and Hangman Page) as well as Chris Jericho and Jon Moxley, coloring the year with the most exciting and thrilling action.

For Kenyans who grew up watching the only national broadcasting then, this program will bring back more than the memories of the famous “Wrestling Program” commonly referred to by many as “Wreso”. For those with a passion for wrestling, the program offers fresh insights and techniques in the sport.

“TNT is excited to usher in a new era in entertainment that is attuned to our audience’s needs and appetite. Despite how far we’ve come, we remain steadfastly dedicated to giving our African audience premium content, and the launch of AEW DYNAMITE and the channel refresh bear testament of this,” added Mr. Guillermo Farré.

At the same time, TNT Africa will continue to launch their exclusive, brand-new, TNT Original Movies on the channel on the first Thursday of every month. These include a wide range of mainstream entertainment genres, featuring renowned, and rising international stars.

Other exciting shows lined up include Splash and the Best Man Holiday to experience the accidental side of love on Valentine’s Day; Crank High Voltage and Point Break in February’s Adrenaline Rush stunt; Malcolm X and Just Cause will help viewers fight for their rights on Human Rights Day; and in April the Oscars with Academy Award-winning titles such as E.T and Gladiator.

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How To Make A Digital Vision Board



Some call it a vision board, others a motivation board, all in all, they both have the same meaning. A vision/motivation board is a place where you comprise images, quotes, scriptures, or any other motivating elements that captivate the vision you have for yourself. A digital vision board is a collection of images and texts that you can take with you anywhere you go. It also takes less time to create than a physical vision board.

Vision boards have always fascinated me. The only problem is that I’m too lazy to make a physical one.  Getting pictures from old magazines, cutting them up and sticking them on A4 boards has always felt like a lot of work. Well, at least for me. I came across a digital one on Pinterest and immediately decided to learn how to make one. It actually turned out to be super easy than I expected.

Without further ado, let’s dive into the steps that you’re going to take in order to come up with the perfect digital vision board.

Figure Out What You Want To Manifest.

The initial step is to ask yourself what you want to invite into your life, and once you’re sure of what you want the board to be about, you can begin thinking about what will go on it. I, for instance, wanted my vision board to entail financial growth, intentional friendships among other things

Choose An App/Website.

The vision board I saw on Pinterest was made on Canva so I decided to use the same for mine. It’s easy to use and has a variety of board layouts.

Find Content For The Board.

You will pull images and words from the Internet and assemble them digitally. Choose images and quotes that align with your vision. You can also add text with different fonts to make it artsier.

Arrange The Board.

Once you’ve gathered all the content on your desktop,  start arranging the board. The trick is to take your time and have fun while at it. The process of making the vision board will help you to plan your goals and intentions in your head and send them out to the universe. Once you’re done, download it and set it as your phone wallpaper or computer background.

Remember, however small, please ensure that you do something every day that will push you towards the goals you’ve put on your board.

That’s all folks! 😊

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Emails from the edge: Svalbard’s polar bears are sending messages to scientists.



In a report for CNN’s Call to Earth, the network reports from Svalbard, a Norwegian archipelago north of the mainland, to explore how testing and tracking is helping scientists understand how polar bears are adapting to climate change.

Every morning research scientist Jon Aars gets an individual email from all the polar bears he’s monitoring in the high arctic. A tracking network of GPS collars gives Aars a map of the movements of each bear, revealing how the climate crisis is affecting everything from their feeding patterns, pregnancies, and where they call home.

“Data from movement has been very important to understand how they react and how they might respond to climate change,” Aars explains.

Along with the tracking collar, the Norwegian Polar Institute weighs bears and takes samples to monitor their health and diet. Once a day the collar makes a satellite call, transmitting the last 24 hours of data back to the Institute, where it lands in Aars’ inbox.

The Institute currently tracks around 70 polar bears but Aars tells CNN that sea ice loss in the region is also having an impact on where polar bears are born: “You don’t find polar bears anywhere in the Arctic where you don’t have sea ice at least seasonally… Change is so significant and so fast, we will reach some stage in the future where it will get much harder to be a polar bear in Svalbard.”

According to NASA, summer ice in the Arctic is shrinking by more than 13% each decade, and this year the National Snow and Ice Data Center (NSIDC) reported the second lowest levels of summer sea ice ever recorded. The 14 lowest levels of sea ice have all occurred in the past 14 years, according the NSIDC.

Despite the odds, Aars tells CNN that Svalbard’s polar bear numbers do not appear to have decreased in the last 20 years – but this may not remain the case. Aars explains he believes his research could reveal how to help the polar bears hold out a little longer.

“What is important for us is that all this data tells us how they will respond in the future,” he adds. “Of course, you cannot do a lot… But if you still have some sea ice, enough that they would be able to be there, then it is very important to know what else you can do to make sure those species can do as well as possible.”

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Senators Reach Consensus To Approve Third Basis Revenue Sharing Formula.



On Thursday, September 17, Senators unanimously voted to approve the third basis for sharing revenue among counties after a record 10 failed attempts to reach a consensus. All the 41 senators present in the House on the afternoon session voted to approve the formula.

From the proposed formula, no county loses revenue allocation.

The motion for approval of the Third Basis Formula for Revenue Allocation among County Governments has be carried. The Ayes 41, Abstention 0, Nays 0,” Senate Speaker Kenneth Lusaka announced.

The Moses Wetangula and Johnstone Sakaja chaired 12 member committee that was tasked with a win-win formula had reached a consensus on the formula and briefed the rest of the house before the official sitting.


The proposed formula takes into account eight parameters; Basic share (20%), Population (18%), Health (17%), Poverty Level (14%), Agriculture (10%), Roads (8%), Land (8%) and Urban (5%).

In the new formula, Nairobi is the gains the highest amount with Ksh 3.3 billion. This will push it’s total allocation to Ksh 19 billion. Nakuru gains Ksh 2.5 billion, Kiambu Ksh 2.2 billion, Turkana Ksh 2 billion and Kakamega Ksh 1.9 billion. Tharaka Nithi is gaining the least amount of Ksh 289 million.

The Council of Governors through its Chairman Wycliffe Oparanya (Kakamega Governor) released a statement making a treat to shutdown operations in the counties stating it had been occasioned by lack of resources after senators failed to agree on the revenue sharing formula.

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Governors Suspend all Non-Essential Services in Counties.



Governors have shut down Non-essential services in counties due to lack of funds.

In his statement, the Council of Governors (CoG) chair Wycliffe Oparanya said  that because ongoing stalemate on funds flow, county governments have no choice but to shut down and suspend all non-essential services.

Press release by the coucil of governors

“All non-essential services are hereby suspended and county employees are advised to proceed on leave for two weeks,” Mr Oparanya said.

He went ahead to state that  counties were going through tough times and are unable to effectively discharge their functions and general operations including implementation of development projects and payment of salaries to county staff especially in the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic.

He further said that county hospitals will not offer inpatient services but will provide minimal outpatient care.

“We express our discontent with Senate’s failure to build consensus on the third generation formula which has consequently delayed the approval of the County Allocation of Revenue Act, 2020. This is tantamount to killing devolution similar to what happened in 1964,” added Mr Oparanya.



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