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Why Kenyans are bitter with miss curvy Uganda [photos of miss curvy Uganda]



Grace Msalame plans to sue Uganda’s Ministry of Tourism, for defamation and character assassination after a goof in which her pictures were used to promote its Miss Curvy Uganda competition. The event was launched by Tourism Minister Godfrey Kiwanda as a state event.

Ms Msalame tweeted that she wasn’t aware of the Ugandan campaign and stated that her legal team was handling the matter.

Kenayan said because it objectifies women and promotes sex tourism, campaigners said on Thursday.

Tourism Minister Godfrey Kiwanda sparked outrage on Wednesday when he unveiled the “Miss Curvy Uganda” contest, saying the east African nation had “naturally endowed” women who should be used as “a strategy” to boost tourism.

More than 1,000 people have signed an online petition calling on the tourism ministry to abandon the pageant and apologise to the public.

“In Uganda, the ministry of tourism has added ‘curvy women’ on the list of ‘tourism attractions’. I personally feel attacked. This is degrading women,” said Primrose Murungi, an entrepreneur and activist who started the online petition.

“In a country where women are grabbed by men while walking on the streets and now they have legalised it by making them tourist attractions is not fair. They are objectifying us and reducing women to nothing.”

Some Ugandans on social media argued the beauty contest would help to challenge the Western stereotype that only slim women are beautiful, saying the pageant celebrated the diversity of all body shapes, including those of African women.






The Natural Hair Community is steadily growing around the world. Carrying the load of this movement are the natural hair influencers who keep us informed about the best products, tips and tricks for styling and managing our natural hair.

As te tresses pundits showcase their natural hair journeys, they help make ours a lot less hard and a lot more manageable. For this reason, if you are looking for products to work for your hair or some doable hairstyles, here are 10 natural hair influencers from Kenya that certainly you need to follow.

1. Michelle Anyango (@itsangango)

Michelle creatively makes informative videos on her Instagram and Youtube Channel. Her Instagram feed is pure bliss. You should definitely follow her.


2. Wangeci Ngare (@__wangeci___ngare)

Wangeci is a hair enthusiast and a professional make up artist as ( if you need to know the perfect hair products for your 4C hair, you should definitely follow her. Her mane is goals and she showcases how she takes care of it on her Instagram.


3. Sheila Ndinda (@sheilandinda)

Sheila showcases simple hair tutorials and products reviews on her Youtube Channel. She also has a salon (@spritzhairstudio) which is your one-stop hair salon for all things natural hairs. Sheila is also known for her tapered cuts which are absolutely adorable.

4. Tabitha Tongoi (@cravingyellow)

Tabitha Tongoi popularly known as Craving Yellow is a top natural hair blogger. She shares healthy hair regimen tips on her Instagram and her youtube channel.

5. Margie Muga (@justmargie_)

Wanna know how to properly take care of coloured natural hair, Margie is your to-go-to girl, periodt! Above all, Margie has vast knowledge when it comes to the best natural hair products.

6. Joan Miano (@justnimu)

JustNimu is most definitely the queen of protective styling. She makes the videos on her Instagram and youtube channel. On the whole, Nimu is experimental so you will have tons of fun watching her videos.

7. Sharon Malonza (@mykenyanpuff)

Where my lazy natural sisters at? Sharon typically creates the easiest and quickest tutorials. Most noteworthy, her hair is super adorable.

8. Makanye (@hairbymakanye)

Makanye is a two times award-winning hairstylist. She creates a lot of videos on her Instagram and youtube showcasing a variety of options for protective styles

9. Carol Tichie (@caroltichie)

If you want to learn how to crochet like a pro, I suggest you follow carol on her Instagram and subscribe to her youtube channel. She makes super simple videos that are easy to follow. With the quarantine situation, we are in, you definitely need to learn some crocheting skills.

10. Wanza (@itswanza)

As her Instagram bio reads, her hair is her canvas. She has cute and simple styles across her Instagram feed. Oh, did I mention, her wash and go style will leave you drooling over hair.

Do Check out Wrapped Nation for Head Wraps and nice hair Bonnets.



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A Beginners Guide To Minimalism.



How do you define Minimalism? Minimalism is the intentional promotion of the things we most value and the removal of everything that distracts us from it. There are many different ways to practice minimalism, however, whatever type of a minimalist you are, it’s always a lifestyle centered on less.

Want to live more simply but don’t know where to start? I have a couple of minimalism hacks will give you a head start to living a more simple life, get rid of  clutter from your home and  embrace a minimalist lifestyle. Enjoy.

  • Stop Buying Much Stuff

We live in a society that’s constantly trying to sell us something. Grocery stores are arranged to encourage you to spend impulsively. Advertisements lie to us and tell us we’ll suffer if we don’t own the shiniest new stuff. Because of this, most of us own far more than we really need or even want. The easiest way to limit this is to cut back on your spending. Adopt a family budget that doesn’t allow you to spend irresponsibly. Evaluate large purchases carefully. When you do commit to spending on something, make sure you’re investing in a high-quality item. The last thing you want is to find yourself replacing stuff time and time again.

  • Get Rid Of Clutter

Look around your surrounding. Is your space clean, or is it covered in stuff? Does your end table serve as a useful place to sit a drink while watching television, or is it already occupied by today’s newspaper, your purse, and a whole lot of other things? It can be easy for clutter to creep into our lives. Clutter can have a negative impact on our mental state, making it tough to focus and sort our thoughts, so it’s to your benefit to get rid of some of the stuff occupying your space.

  • Be Grateful For The Things You Need

It can be hard to fight the urge to spend. We are conditioned to want more and to pride ourselves on the things we own and the money we spent on them. One way to make living with less a little easier is to embrace gratitude. The more grateful you are for the things you already have in your life, the more value you’ll find in them, and the less tempted you’ll be to seek out new stuff.

  • Evaluate Your Space

If you have more room in your home than your family needs, it can be tempting to fill the empty rooms and extra space with stuff. Consider moving to a smaller home if the market is right and your family is ready for a change. You might be surprised to find a smaller space to be the right fit.  You’ll notice some added benefits too, from paying less for utilities to having less to clean.

  • Weed Out Your Closet

When was the last time you took everything out of your closet? If you can’t recall, it’s time to sort out your wardrobe. Start with a clean slate by taking everything out. Evaluate each item. If it’s something you don’t wear often, doesn’t fit with your personal style, or is showing too many signs of wear, it may be time to let it go. If it’s in good condition, consider giving it away to a friend or donating to a local charity to keep it out of the landfill.

It can be far too easy to hang onto stuff we tell ourselves. We will wear because we feel guilty over spending so much money on something that provided no value. It’s okay to let  it go. When you’re done, you’ll be left with a much more streamlined wardrobe. One that consists of the items you actually wear. You won’t miss the stuff you got rid of, and you’ll notice it’s easier to find the things you love.

  • Create A Mindset

Creating a minimalist mindset is very important. It’s actually more important than the physical process of cleaning out the environment around you. Making minimalism a habit, and an essential part of  life, is the only way to stick to this lifestyle. Creating a minimalist mindset is all about living with awareness. You need to bring intention into your daily actions and know why you make the choices you do.

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Met Gala 2018 marked the grand opening of  Costume Institute’s annual fashion exhibit. Met Gala happens annually whereby it is dubbed as a fundraising gala. The proceeds are for the benefit of the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s Costume Institute in New York. This year, the theme for the gala was heavenly bodies and the Catholic Imagination.


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Blake Lively “steals” The Show At MET GALA 2018




Earlier in March, Blake Lively disclosed that she had already picked out her gown for the MET GALA 2018. It literally took 600 hours to make her gown and all we can say is that it was actually worth it.

The Versace gown perfectly blended with this year’s theme for the awards which was, “Heavenly Bodies: Fashion and the Catholic Imagination”. The dress featured a jewel-encrusted gold corset. As for the train of the gown, it was a deep ruby red with two sheer panels and gold embroidering.

To top it all up, she wore a spiked headpiece that made her look like real angel.

Oh well, as much as Blake Lively once again stunned us  with her look this year, it was quite impossible not to notice that her husband  Ryan Reynolds was missing at the event.

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Berets Are Back – 2018 Must-Have Accessory!



Source: Instagram

You all know what a beret is, right? Oh well, for the sake of the ones who don’t, a beret is a round, flat hat made of soft material.


Berets date as back as the 19th century. For the recent past, we’ve not seen people fashionably rocking them. That is set to change thanks to instagram and some of our favourite fashion trendsetters. The Beret Trend is now back, bigger & better.

Below are pictures of  Tracy WanjiruSharon K Mwangi  rocking the Beret that will make you run to the nearest clothes store and grab yourself one.

The hat can be fashionably worn by tilting it to one side. Master the look & get to style your beret as effortlessly as Sharon & Tracy.

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